Not as sweet as chocolate — August 11, 2017

Not as sweet as chocolate

how to remove chocolate stains

Chocolate is divine, but the stains it leaves behind are hellishly stubborn. Don’t let chocolate stains win, use Vanish to get rid of the stains.

There are only two completely intoxicating things in the world – love and chocolate. Both fill your tummy with contentment. But while love has no side-effects (apart from making you act a little crazy!), chocolate has the annoying habit of leaving stains on your clothes.

Most people don’t realise how potent chocolate stains can be. This is because they are not familiar with the chief ingredients used in making chocolate – fat, cocoa and sugar. These three combine to bind the chocolate together and give it a slight oily gooiness that is so beloved to everyone. While a really gooey chocolate can leave your tongue feeling thrilled to the core, it can also drip on your clothes and make permanent stains.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you got all the brown chocolate off, the stain is gone as well. The oils in the chocolate seep into the clothing quickly, and leave behind a brownish stain. Just a wash with your usual detergent will hardly make an impression on the stain. It needs a special stain removing system perfected by Vanish.

How to remove chocolate stains using Vanish

  • Start by not panicking. If you have dropped chocolate on your clothes, just reach out for a clean teaspoon and scrape out all the excess chocolate. Take care not to rub the spoon against the fabric directly – this will just work the chocolate deeper into the clothing and make it difficult to remove.
  • If the stain is old and there is still some chocolate left over on the clothes, you might need to make it wet again before you attempt to remove it. Use a little liquid detergent on it and set it aside for about five minutes. The detergent breaks down some of the dried chocolate and you can remove it with a spoon or butter knife.
  • Turn the clothing inside out and hold the stain under clean running water.
  • Now fill half a bucket of water with Vanish Gold Oxi Action stain removal powder (one scoop to four litres of water). Soak coloured clothes for an hour and whites for at least six hours. The chocolate stain will be lifted out of the garment while soaking in the powder solution.
  • Complete the stain removal process by washing the clothing in the washing machine. Add a scoop of Vanish powder to the laundry before you wash. The clothing will come out good as new, minus the chocolate stain.
Enjoy your coffee, worry free —

Enjoy your coffee, worry free

Remove coffee stains

A wonderful cup of coffee should not become the source of many nightmares. Coffee stains are easy to clean if you take quick steps.

Is there anything more pleasurable than having a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Whether it is your first cup in the morning, or the post-lunch cup you enjoy with a work colleague, coffee has the potential to awaken you and keep you feeling fresh all day.

But if there’s one annoyance about coffee, it is that it leaves deep stains on your clothes. Try as you might, the stains acquire such an adhesive quality that nothing can shift them. Besides, the stains are deep in colour and easily visible. So every time you spill coffee on your clothes, it simply means that you must throw those garments away since you cannot use them anymore.

If you have been an unwitting victim of the Coffee Stain Monster in the past, it is time to wise up and get cracking on removing coffee stains. Don’t throw away your clothes, just get Vanish to help you in effective stain removal.

Remove coffee stains using Vanish – go stain-free forever!

  • If you have spilled coffee on your clothes, start by taking a clean paper towel and letting it sit on the stain. The paper towel absorbs the excess liquid before it is absorbed by the fibres.
  • Take another paper towel and gently blot the stain to remove the excess. Do not rub or dab side to side – this will only set the stain in further.
  • After blotting, turn the fabric inside out and flush the stain with clean running water. A fresh stain may run out of the fabric at this stage. But a stain beginning to dry up may not. Do not rub the stain with your fingers or a cloth, just let the water run on it.
  • Take some Vanish Multi Use Liquid and apply some of it directly on the stain. Set aside for five minutes. The liquid acts quickly to isolate the stain molecules, so that they are easier to remove from the fabric. After this, you can wash off the stain with cold water.
  • If the stain is already dried or is an older one, soak the garment in cold water and add Vanish Multi Use Liquid to it. Soak coloured garments for an hour, and whites for six hours.
  • After soaking, remove the garments from the soaking solution and wash them in the washing machine. Add a measure of the Vanish liquid to the load before washing.
  • Vanish Multi Use Liquid is tough on stains and mild on your clothes. Unlike harsh soaps and bleach, it does not harm the clothing fibres while it removes coffee stains.
Carpet care 101: It starts with you — July 24, 2017

Carpet care 101: It starts with you

how to remove carpet stains

Caring for your lovely carpet is easy when you follow a certain cleaning process. Here’s what yours needs.

You bought a lovely carpet for your living room floor when you moved into your new house. By any standards, it is a stunning piece of work – thick and luxuriant, it adds glamour and elegance to your home.

But it is also the source of much heartburn and dismay. Your little children are always dropping food and juice on the floor. Sometimes, another member of the family trails dirt into the home. You are on constant vigil against dirt, spills and stains on your beloved carpet. There haven’t been any major hazards by now, but what if there are? If your carpet is irreparably spoilt, you might need to discard it for another.

The problem of how to remove carpet stains is compounded by thick, fluffy carpets that hide their stains better than others. So it might be a while before you spot an old dried stain – which might become impossible to clean at all.

How to remove carpet stains using Vanish

  • Only a really clean carpet can show its stains even from a distance. So start your carpet care by vacuuming it first. This will help you dislodge dust and keep your carpet primed for stain removal whenever needed.
  • Whenever there is a food spill or a mess made by your child or pet, get to work at once. Remove as much of the spill as possible using a paper towel.
  • Now blot the stain with wet paper towel. Take care not to rub the stain or dab hard, or the stain will set into the fibres and become difficult to remove.
  • Take Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Pre-Treat Spray and use it on the stain. Spray it directly and leave it to work on the stain for about five minutes. After this, the stain will be gone and the carpet can be washed as normal.
  • If the stain was not removed completely with the Vanish spray, you will need Vanish’s carpet shampoo for the job. Add the product to the stain as directed to cover it completely. Here’s how you prepare the shampoo: Mix 1 part shampoo to 9 parts cold water and create foam from it. Apply the foam on the stain using a soft brush. Now allow the foam to dry before vacuuming away the residue. The foam takes the stain with it.
  • in case you spot an older stain, take a capful of the Vanish carpet shampoo and pour it over the stain. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and then wipe with a clean cotton cloth gently.
Why to avoid soap residue on dishes — July 21, 2017

Why to avoid soap residue on dishes

When you clean the dishes with hands or in a dishwasher, you might have noticed minor stains of soap residue on the dishes. It happens with almost everyone who cleans the dishes at home, hotel or restaurant. The first question that comes to mind is if the residue is harmful to the health or not. Most of the countries force the companies to write the chemical composition of the detergents on the pack. However, in some locations, it is not mandatory. We often miss to check the ingredients and do not realize how potent these dishwasher detergents can be. We have compiled a list of chemicals found in different dishwasher detergents with their effect on the health to give you an idea.

  • Ammonia: If you are familiar with the chemical, you must be aware of the fact that it can damage eyes, skin and respiratory tract.
  • Cocamide Dea: Though it is a modified form of coconut oil which is completely harmful, this chemical is a possible carcinogen that means it can cause cancer.
  • Coal tar dyes: These dyes though present in small amounts in most of the detergents, they can carry heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and lead which is not good for health at all.
  • Formaldehyde: The trade names of the chemical are methylene oxide, methanol and methyl aldehyde. It can cause cancer along with allergies and asthma.
  • Chlorine bleach: It is one of the most common ingredients of a dishwasher and it is used in concentrated form. It can cause breathing problems and is considered one of the main reasons of household poisoning.
  • Phosphates: Banned in some countries, phosphate is still used in many geographical locations in dishwasher detergents. This chemical helps in removing the food residues from the dishes. It can cause severe environmental damage and health problems.
  • Glycol Ethers: These chemicals help in breaking down the grease in the food. It can cause irritation, intoxication and anemia as well.
  • Sodium Borate: It can cause hormonal disorders.
  • Fragrance: It feels good to use scented dishwasher but the industry uses more than 3000 chemicals to create different fragrances and any one of them can be dangerous and cause an allergic

Now you have some idea about the chemicals in the soap detergents you are using. Even the best dishwasher detergents have some chemicals so that you can get the completely cleaned dishes. In order to make sure that no one in your family comes in contact with the harmful effects of these chemicals, you should not leave any residual traces of soap or detergent on the dishes.

There are chances that your dishwasher needs repair or cleaning which may cause it to malfunction. If you wash dishes with hands, make sure that the tap water is not hard. If it is, you can use special soap or tablets available in the market to treat water before using it. Hard water also leaves stains on the dishes which are not easy to clean. Treating hard water before using it for any household work can save your family from many trips to ER. Stay safe and remember to learn about the composition of the detergents you are going to buy.

How to clean your dishwasher —

How to clean your dishwasher



Do you know that dishwasher you have bought can go filthy if not taken care of? Or you have already turned it into a mess? Well, it happens with every one of us and we have to understand that dishwasher needs to be cleaned regularly. Most of us think that it runs hot water and soap all the time then it should be clean but the food particles often settle down in the places where you cannot even imagine. It leads to the dirty dishwasher and funky smell which is not good for health.

It is not a hard task to clean the dishwasher. There are certain dishwasher cleaners available in the market as well but it is always good to give it some personal touch every once in a while. We have listed down a few points and steps which will help you in understanding the process.

You will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Baking soda
  • Pieces of cloth
  • Toothpicks and a toothbrush
  1. First of all, run the dishwasher and wait till it completes a cycle. Now remove all the trays and racks from the dishwasher.
  2. There are holes on the spinning arm. Check them first. If they look like holding some leftover food material, use the toothpicks to clean them. It may take a little time and patience so be prepared for it. These holes should be clean to ensure proper flow of water during the cleaning cycles.
  3. Now, check under the door of the dishwasher and see if there is any leftover material there. If it is not getting cleaned properly, disassemble it in your sink and use a toothbrush to clean it. Add a little baking soda on the toothbrush to make it shiny again.
  4. Next step is to clean the drain. You can use a toothbrush and baking soda to clean any clogged portion of the drain. You may notice some leftover food particles there. These food particles are the reason behind that funky smell. Clean it properly and rinse with warm water.
  5. Next step is to clean the seal of the dishwasher. It gets really filthy with time. Use a damp cloth soaked with water vinegar mix thereafter adding a few drops of lemon juice in it as well. It will not only remove the dirty stuff but will also remove the smell from the seal.
  6. Now check the racks and trays. If you see any food particles sticking to them, clean them properly. Wash them with warm water and let them dry.
  7. In case you see any rust stains, make sure to use dishwasher safe rust remover to get rid of those stains.
  8. The next step is to clean the exterior of the dishwasher. Use a toothpick to clean the buttons and sides of the control panel. You can spray a mix of warm water, vinegar, and lemon juice and then wipe it with a damp

It is important to clean the dishwasher once every month. The dishwasher is responsible for providing clean and safe dishes for your dining table. It is important to make sure that it remains clean and safe so that you can use it for a long period of time.

Why is it important to clean the rugs and carpets on regular basis? —

Why is it important to clean the rugs and carpets on regular basis?

Today we all like to decorate our houses with rugs and various other interior décor items. However, due to busy schedule and day to day routine we do not have enough time to clean these things. If we have a servant in our house they tend to clean the showcase and various other things however cleaning a carpet or rug is not an easy task. Hence, they always tend to avoid these kind of things which needs a lot of pain and time. We need to understand that cleaning the carpet is one of the most important things in our day to day life. Below are some of the most important reasons which are connected to rugs and the benefits of cleaning the carpets on regular intervals. Just go through it and start acting up on it as soon as possible.

  • Carpets do look clean and tidy from top however have a lot of dirt and dust particles which sits over it on daily basis. The dust which is accumulated over our feet itself gets stuck over the carpet when you walk over it. You let your kids and pets play in the same carpet. This is what causes allergy and various other infection. This is because the dirt gets stuck over your kid’s body or pet’s body. Hence, it’s very important to clean the carpet on regular basis all you got to do is to vacuum your carpet after every two days. This will help in cleaning off the tiny dust particles which are stuck over the carpet.
  • Many a times it happens that there are stains been caused over the rugs and carpets due to various reasons. Your child might drop something and generate Ketchup Stain, your pet might drop some food. These in return will spoil the carpet. If you keep the stain as it is bacteria will easily get formed over the carpet within a span of time. So you can just make use of a damp cloth and try to clean it off. If you feel you will not be able to remove the stain from the carpet you can call a professional there and then. They will come and take your carpet to clean it. They will not only clean it but also add conditioner which will help in increasing the life of your carpet.
  • Buying a carpet is quite easy however taking care of it in the right manner is what matter. You need to take care of it like a baby. By giving it the right care it will help you in keeping the ambience clean and healthy at the same time help the carpet in providing the best interior appeal to the house. If you are a working women then it’s good to take up a contract with a service provider on annual basis. They will take care of your carpets in the best ways.
Parenting Tips for Child’s Overall Development —

Parenting Tips for Child’s Overall Development

blood stains

The early years of life is when we see rapid mental growth, along with the development of mental and physical skills. It is during their early childhood that children pay more attention towards friendship and teamwork. This is the golden period when you can teach moral values and help develop a sense of responsibility in them.

Pay equal attention towards their diet and physical activities, since obesity in children is a rising problem worldwide and invites diseases at an early age, says the Saudi Journal of Obesity. Additionally, incorporate discipline and set clear rules for watching TV, playing, sleeping and studies, and stick to them. Learn how teaching values, outdoor activities and healthy eating can help your child.

Teaching Moral Values

Unconditional love and kindness, honesty, hard work, cooperation, compassion, forgiveness and respect for elders are the most important values that you need to teach your child. Always take time out to talk to your child. Ask them how they spent their day in school with their friends. Then tell them about what they did right and what they did wrong. Your daily efforts will provide them a judgement of right and wrong, and protect them from daily societal negative influences, while laying the foundation for them to develop into good and responsible citizens. Continue reading motivational and inspirational stories to them.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Initially, you can take your child outdoors and play different sports with them. Once they make friends and develop interest in a particular sport, you can let them play on their own. Give them the freedom to shout, jump, run, hop or skip. In open spaces, children are much more physically active, hence challenging themselves. How they interact with their friends tells you a lot about their mental wellness. Like every concerned parents, you might fear injuries, infection and dirt. But don’t let your fear hinder your child’s physical and mental development. Just keep a good quality detergent and first aid kit available at home. In case of injury, take care of the wound and use products like Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder to remove stubborn blood stains. But never stop them from playing outdoors.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

The best way to ensure optimal physical, mental and brain development is to ensure the right nutrition for your child. Excessive and irregular consumption of junk food is the reason why most children lack focus, feel lethargic and develop diseases at an early stage of life. Take out all the unhealthy food from your kitchen and fill the cabinets with fruits, vegetables and nuts. Learn simple recipes using such ingredients that you can offer your child in fun ways that they will enjoy. Further, educate them about the importance of drinking lots of water and remaining hydrated, especially in hot climates like that of Saudi Arabia.

And don’t fear dirty clothes, injuries and blood stains. These are all part of childhood. Just learn easy ways to take care of them.

Benefits of Dishwashing Tablets — June 23, 2017

Benefits of Dishwashing Tablets

dishwashing tablets

Dishwashing is one of the necessary activities in any household; if your dishes are not washed clean, your meals are not satisfying. Like many appliances, the dishwasher has gone through many innovations. Earlier for dishwashing detergent powder was used, nowadays there are many options like gels, tablets, etc. Each has its uses.

Dishwashing tablets have revolutionized the way we do our dishes. Earlier we had to measure the amount of detergent and had to be careful about spilling the detergent. It has made dishwashing easier and less cumbersome. And the tablets contain a pre- measured quantity of soap for every use.

Some Benefits of Dishwashing Tablets

  • More Efficient Cleaning: It is very convenient to use as there are fewer chances of putting too much or too less detergent. This makes your cleaning easier as the right amount of detergent is used in every wash, and you can confidently go about washing the dishes. As excess detergent can create excess suds and it will end up damaging the components of your dishwasher, which will then need to be replaced and create a lot of hassles for you. Dishwashing tablets take care of this problem and your machine too as they come in a pre-measured suitable quantity.
  • Saves Water and Energy: As they come in pre-measured quantity, the wastage of water is less. If you use too much detergent, it will take more water to rinse your dishes, and the dishwasher will have to run longer as well to rinse the dishes properly and in the process requiring the dishwasher to run longer and consuming more power. This problem is taken care of with pre-measured detergents in the tablets.
  • Saves Money: Although detergent powders are cheaper than tablets when used in excess can damage the components of the machine, and the repair work will cost extra money. No such problems with dishwashing tablets and your machine run smoothly without requiring any repairs.
  • More Convenient: The dishwashing tablets are a more convenient option and are preferred over conventional detergents because of this convenience mainly. As they come in tablets, it is easier to load in the washer without bothering about spills. And these tablets have multiple functions in the course of washing which saves a lot of time in the process, as some functions are completed in one tablet cycle like pre-wash and then wash and finally rinse.

These dishwashing tablets come in handy while washing glass and ceramics etc. and give a great shine to the dishes. Some dishwashing tablets are composed of simple detergents, but there are some others which are made of special gels and power balls very useful in removing stubborn stains and grease.

So these advantages far outweigh the cost factor of the tablets. These days in the busy lifestyle that we all lead, it is smart to switch to the dishwashing tablets for a more convenient washing. So more and more people are switching to these tablets and having an easier time doing the dishes.

How to Encourage Kids to Love Cleaning! —

How to Encourage Kids to Love Cleaning!

dishwashing liquid

Teaching a child to have an active participation in the household chores can be tough. But teaching them from this stage will help in building a responsible citizen. While doing household chores may not interest a child, and that’s where parents have to take a lead role. Parents should do these things!

The first thing to do is just stop nagging or pleading them and figure out ways to ‘make them do it.’ Here’s how you can give it a push!

  • Creating A Playtime: As a parent preparing food can be a monotonous daily activity. And, if you belong to the working class, it is very tedious indeed. However, here you have a solution. Make your kitchen time a play time. Motivate your child in a way and engage him/her to prepare a dish for you. But make sure that, you just don’t shout for all the spillover and mess. It is expected from them, instead; teach them how to clean it properly. Play a nice dance beat and just create the tempo. That’s all you need to do. Once, your kid finds it interesting enough; you are often going to see your little wonder roaming in and around the kitchen.
  • Engage In More Difficult Tasks: Everybody loves the feeling of overcoming a challenge, and when your child completes a very tough task and gets appreciation from you, it will have a positive effect. Engage them in activities like cleaning the weed in your lawn or cleaning the hamster cage. While they may find it a bit boring, you can give them some tools to do the work with. Kids love to use things which they don’t have much access to. But make sure never to encourage them to work in exchange for rewards, because this process is not going to work after a period.
  • Cleaning Dinner Table: Dinner is a family time affair and usually after the sessions, mommies tend to clean and arrange everything. Why not engage your child in this? Well, the dads can take a note here too. What you do will reflect in your child, and if you always lend a helping hand, your child will automatically get inclined towards it. You can even teach your child to use the dishwasher but keep in mind to choose a good dishwashing liquid to avoid any form of hassle.
  • Change the Routine: Include your kids in allotting a routine for everyone. Right from cleaning the house or cooking a meal once a week, give them works to do. For a change, you can even ask them to arrange another room instead of their own. While initially, it may seem to be a torturous thing, it will be changed into a habit soon.
  • Give Them A Purpose: Make them feel that they are an essential part of the family and an excellent team worker. Like taking the dog for a walk, although you should accompany them but make them take the lead and even collecting the poop and throwing it in the bins to build a sense of responsibility.

So, instead of scolding or just asking them to do it, daily chores can be fun and exciting for them and subsequently will automatically attract the kids, and things can just be simple.

How to Express Your Love to a Girl — June 13, 2017

How to Express Your Love to a Girl

coffee stains

I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a big bonus.” ~ The Notebook

Love has no language, but “I love you” can be said in different languages like “Wo ie ni” in Chinese, “Je t’aime” in French, “Ti amo” in Italian, “Tangsinul sarang ha yo” in Korean, “Ana Behibek” in Saudi Arabian. Love is all pervasive and therefore finds a place in all languages. But apart from saying those three words, how else can you express your affection for your beloved? Here’s a look.

Send Her Flowers

Nothing works better than a bouquet of flowers when it comes to expressing your love. Find the best flowers available in the market and add a romantic note like “beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl” or some lines from a poem or song on it.

Ask Her Out for Coffee

Coffee dates always provide a comfortable environment to say “I Love You”. But don’t hold your coffee mug while doing so, just in case she surprises you – either with an agreement or a disapproval. You might just end up upending the cup on yourself and will be left to deal with all those stubborn coffee stains all by yourself! Of course, the good news is that even if she does for some reason reject your advances, you can go home and try some Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder to clean up your favourite shirt.

Never Forget to be

  • Honest: Always tell her your true feelings, if you’re genuinely falling in love with her. Honesty is the key to lasting relationships.
  • Thoughtful: Simple actions like bringing her favourite coffee when she needs it the most, letting her choose the movie that you both see, and buying her something that she has been craving for ages. Be considerate of how your actions will affect her. Make an effort to remember important dates and occasions.
  • Affectionate: This is an obvious way to tell make her aware of your feelings. But never try to invade her comfort zone and be conscious of doing things that she might feel uncomfortable with. Grabbing her hand, surprising her with a bear hug, kissing her on the cheek or forehead can really make a girl feel special.
  • Chivalrous: Opening doors for her, offering her your jacket if she is cold, dropping her home, etc., might sound clichéd but are proven chivalrous acts that impress girls. Try to make her feel both safe and respected, giving her the assurance that you’ll stand up for her whenever she needs you.

In the end, the easiest and the most straightforward way to show your feelings is to just tell her. No need for a big song or a proposal banner tied to an airplane. Just three simple words will do the magic. Just take a moment and say these three magical words, sincerely. Luckily, in this case you don’t have to fear those stubborn coffee stains.