how to remove chocolate stains

Chocolate is divine, but the stains it leaves behind are hellishly stubborn. Don’t let chocolate stains win, use Vanish to get rid of the stains.

There are only two completely intoxicating things in the world – love and chocolate. Both fill your tummy with contentment. But while love has no side-effects (apart from making you act a little crazy!), chocolate has the annoying habit of leaving stains on your clothes.

Most people don’t realise how potent chocolate stains can be. This is because they are not familiar with the chief ingredients used in making chocolate – fat, cocoa and sugar. These three combine to bind the chocolate together and give it a slight oily gooiness that is so beloved to everyone. While a really gooey chocolate can leave your tongue feeling thrilled to the core, it can also drip on your clothes and make permanent stains.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you got all the brown chocolate off, the stain is gone as well. The oils in the chocolate seep into the clothing quickly, and leave behind a brownish stain. Just a wash with your usual detergent will hardly make an impression on the stain. It needs a special stain removing system perfected by Vanish.

How to remove chocolate stains using Vanish

  • Start by not panicking. If you have dropped chocolate on your clothes, just reach out for a clean teaspoon and scrape out all the excess chocolate. Take care not to rub the spoon against the fabric directly – this will just work the chocolate deeper into the clothing and make it difficult to remove.
  • If the stain is old and there is still some chocolate left over on the clothes, you might need to make it wet again before you attempt to remove it. Use a little liquid detergent on it and set it aside for about five minutes. The detergent breaks down some of the dried chocolate and you can remove it with a spoon or butter knife.
  • Turn the clothing inside out and hold the stain under clean running water.
  • Now fill half a bucket of water with Vanish Gold Oxi Action stain removal powder (one scoop to four litres of water). Soak coloured clothes for an hour and whites for at least six hours. The chocolate stain will be lifted out of the garment while soaking in the powder solution.
  • Complete the stain removal process by washing the clothing in the washing machine. Add a scoop of Vanish powder to the laundry before you wash. The clothing will come out good as new, minus the chocolate stain.