Remove coffee stains

A wonderful cup of coffee should not become the source of many nightmares. Coffee stains are easy to clean if you take quick steps.

Is there anything more pleasurable than having a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Whether it is your first cup in the morning, or the post-lunch cup you enjoy with a work colleague, coffee has the potential to awaken you and keep you feeling fresh all day.

But if there’s one annoyance about coffee, it is that it leaves deep stains on your clothes. Try as you might, the stains acquire such an adhesive quality that nothing can shift them. Besides, the stains are deep in colour and easily visible. So every time you spill coffee on your clothes, it simply means that you must throw those garments away since you cannot use them anymore.

If you have been an unwitting victim of the Coffee Stain Monster in the past, it is time to wise up and get cracking on removing coffee stains. Don’t throw away your clothes, just get Vanish to help you in effective stain removal.

Remove coffee stains using Vanish – go stain-free forever!

  • If you have spilled coffee on your clothes, start by taking a clean paper towel and letting it sit on the stain. The paper towel absorbs the excess liquid before it is absorbed by the fibres.
  • Take another paper towel and gently blot the stain to remove the excess. Do not rub or dab side to side – this will only set the stain in further.
  • After blotting, turn the fabric inside out and flush the stain with clean running water. A fresh stain may run out of the fabric at this stage. But a stain beginning to dry up may not. Do not rub the stain with your fingers or a cloth, just let the water run on it.
  • Take some Vanish Multi Use Liquid and apply some of it directly on the stain. Set aside for five minutes. The liquid acts quickly to isolate the stain molecules, so that they are easier to remove from the fabric. After this, you can wash off the stain with cold water.
  • If the stain is already dried or is an older one, soak the garment in cold water and add Vanish Multi Use Liquid to it. Soak coloured garments for an hour, and whites for six hours.
  • After soaking, remove the garments from the soaking solution and wash them in the washing machine. Add a measure of the Vanish liquid to the load before washing.
  • Vanish Multi Use Liquid is tough on stains and mild on your clothes. Unlike harsh soaps and bleach, it does not harm the clothing fibres while it removes coffee stains.