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Teaching a child to have an active participation in the household chores can be tough. But teaching them from this stage will help in building a responsible citizen. While doing household chores may not interest a child, and that’s where parents have to take a lead role. Parents should do these things!

The first thing to do is just stop nagging or pleading them and figure out ways to ‘make them do it.’ Here’s how you can give it a push!

  • Creating A Playtime: As a parent preparing food can be a monotonous daily activity. And, if you belong to the working class, it is very tedious indeed. However, here you have a solution. Make your kitchen time a play time. Motivate your child in a way and engage him/her to prepare a dish for you. But make sure that, you just don’t shout for all the spillover and mess. It is expected from them, instead; teach them how to clean it properly. Play a nice dance beat and just create the tempo. That’s all you need to do. Once, your kid finds it interesting enough; you are often going to see your little wonder roaming in and around the kitchen.
  • Engage In More Difficult Tasks: Everybody loves the feeling of overcoming a challenge, and when your child completes a very tough task and gets appreciation from you, it will have a positive effect. Engage them in activities like cleaning the weed in your lawn or cleaning the hamster cage. While they may find it a bit boring, you can give them some tools to do the work with. Kids love to use things which they don’t have much access to. But make sure never to encourage them to work in exchange for rewards, because this process is not going to work after a period.
  • Cleaning Dinner Table: Dinner is a family time affair and usually after the sessions, mommies tend to clean and arrange everything. Why not engage your child in this? Well, the dads can take a note here too. What you do will reflect in your child, and if you always lend a helping hand, your child will automatically get inclined towards it. You can even teach your child to use the dishwasher but keep in mind to choose a good dishwashing liquid to avoid any form of hassle.
  • Change the Routine: Include your kids in allotting a routine for everyone. Right from cleaning the house or cooking a meal once a week, give them works to do. For a change, you can even ask them to arrange another room instead of their own. While initially, it may seem to be a torturous thing, it will be changed into a habit soon.
  • Give Them A Purpose: Make them feel that they are an essential part of the family and an excellent team worker. Like taking the dog for a walk, although you should accompany them but make them take the lead and even collecting the poop and throwing it in the bins to build a sense of responsibility.

So, instead of scolding or just asking them to do it, daily chores can be fun and exciting for them and subsequently will automatically attract the kids, and things can just be simple.