coffee stains

I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a big bonus.” ~ The Notebook

Love has no language, but “I love you” can be said in different languages like “Wo ie ni” in Chinese, “Je t’aime” in French, “Ti amo” in Italian, “Tangsinul sarang ha yo” in Korean, “Ana Behibek” in Saudi Arabian. Love is all pervasive and therefore finds a place in all languages. But apart from saying those three words, how else can you express your affection for your beloved? Here’s a look.

Send Her Flowers

Nothing works better than a bouquet of flowers when it comes to expressing your love. Find the best flowers available in the market and add a romantic note like “beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl” or some lines from a poem or song on it.

Ask Her Out for Coffee

Coffee dates always provide a comfortable environment to say “I Love You”. But don’t hold your coffee mug while doing so, just in case she surprises you – either with an agreement or a disapproval. You might just end up upending the cup on yourself and will be left to deal with all those stubborn coffee stains all by yourself! Of course, the good news is that even if she does for some reason reject your advances, you can go home and try some Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder to clean up your favourite shirt.

Never Forget to be

  • Honest: Always tell her your true feelings, if you’re genuinely falling in love with her. Honesty is the key to lasting relationships.
  • Thoughtful: Simple actions like bringing her favourite coffee when she needs it the most, letting her choose the movie that you both see, and buying her something that she has been craving for ages. Be considerate of how your actions will affect her. Make an effort to remember important dates and occasions.
  • Affectionate: This is an obvious way to tell make her aware of your feelings. But never try to invade her comfort zone and be conscious of doing things that she might feel uncomfortable with. Grabbing her hand, surprising her with a bear hug, kissing her on the cheek or forehead can really make a girl feel special.
  • Chivalrous: Opening doors for her, offering her your jacket if she is cold, dropping her home, etc., might sound clichéd but are proven chivalrous acts that impress girls. Try to make her feel both safe and respected, giving her the assurance that you’ll stand up for her whenever she needs you.

In the end, the easiest and the most straightforward way to show your feelings is to just tell her. No need for a big song or a proposal banner tied to an airplane. Just three simple words will do the magic. Just take a moment and say these three magical words, sincerely. Luckily, in this case you don’t have to fear those stubborn coffee stains.